What is Data Order?

Web sites with complex structures that can not be acquired with scraping tools,
In order to meet customer's individual needs, such as data shaping, analysis, and system integration,
It is a service that we scrape on behalf of our customers.
Data Scraping Order

We will completely collect data from your designated web page.
No matter the structure, such as the number of pages, the number of data, and the presence or absence of login.
Data Format Order

We can perform data shaping after data collection.
Data can be downloaded on our product "PigData".
Data Analyze Order

Analysis consulting「 MathForBiz 」 for services by company visualizes collected data and analyzes reports I am giving it out.

Data Order Feature
Supports all sitesIt is possible to collect data for all pages on the Web can.
Human actionYou can configure settings such as search, scroll, and checkbox selection performed by humans.
24hour monitoringMonitor the target Web page for 24 hours and respond immediately to changes in page information can.
Various data typescsv, excel, Json, XML, etc. will be converted to your specified format.
Execute including data formattingFormat the collected data into the desired format and use it immediately It can be provided in the form.
Alert functionemail or your groupware only when a certain keyword or certain value is exceeded You can notify.
Automatic operationAll necessary data collection settings are performed by our company, and it is operated automatically by our cloud.

Data Order Form
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